Jack Neo Says It’s “Really Difficult” To Make Money From Movies, Explains Why His Films Are Filled With Product Placements

Jack Neo, 62, is one of Singapore’s most prominent filmmakers, but public opinion on his movies is often polarised, to say the least.

One thing everyone can agree on is that his films are filled with product placements, which has led some to complain that his movies are just feature-length commercials.

Among his most famous works are 1998’s Money No Enough, 2002’s I Not Stupid, along with the hugely popular Ah Boys To Men (ABTM) franchise.

Jack shared on this week’s episode of Hear U Out that contrary to popular belief, moviemaking isn’t the cash cow people assume it to be.

“Movies are the most difficult to make (…) I never expected that [Money No Enough] would do so well… but I didn’t really earn a lot from it. I earned the basic amount, but we didn’t get any bonuses.”

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