“I’ve Waited A Long Time For This”: Kit Chan Is Mrs Lee Kuan Yew In The LKY Musical, Starring Opposite Adrian Pang

Coming back to the theatre after two-and-a-half years, plus, this being the biggest stage production since the pandemic, what has that been like for you?

KIT:  I’m so happy to be around all these people. Like the first time I heard all of them sing at the first sing through, my hair was standing. I got very excited. I truly, truly appreciate the camaraderie, people coming together, that spirit. I’ve certainly missed that a lot and I love it. I’m predominantly a soloist, so what I get from doing a theatre production is the camaraderie which I don’t get a lot of in my solo career.

ADRIAN: I’m really trying to embrace this whole chapter of my life with a renewed sense of gratitude. I think by nature I’m a bottle is half-empty kinda guy. But I’m trying to just fill the bottle just a little bit more, so the bottle is only a quarter empty (laughs).

In all seriousness I want this to be kind of a period of renewal and reinvention, rather than ‘Oh thank goodness we can do this again’ and then we just fall back on our old way of doing things. We’re missing the point of having gone through this period if we just want to quickly get back to life as it was before. Life has changed, irrevocably so. It’s a chance for us to think, how can we become better, how can we do things better and be better human beings. So I’m just grateful to be able to do what I do. I want to really cherish it.

KIT: What Adrian said is so true. I’ve never been in a production where there’s so much love and people looking out for each other. Right from the start, things are not business as usual. Already somebody has Covid and is at home, so there’s this [sense that everybody is] really looking out for each other.

There’s never been so many understudies. I used to have understudies too in the other shows, but I’ve never been in a close relationship with them — everyone was just doing their own thing. But here, I’m constantly trying to coach her. ’Cos you’re so aware that it could happen [and someone could suddenly fall sick]. So people really look out for each other. I think that’s a lovely thing. And that’s something we can certainly hold on to.

Besides having more understudies, how have things changed in a stage production since the pandemic?

ADRIAN: There’s much more sense of mutual respect and mutual consideration and empathy. There’s also a real sense of inclusivity.

KIT: Yeah, never in my life have I heard that! During the introduction, they asked us, ‘Tell us what we can do to take care of you’. There are some cast members who are on the spectrum and they’ll tell you “I really cannot take sudden loud noises” and then we will always be looking out for them, or they’ll pre-empt people. This has never happened.

ADRIAN: This is the way forward.

KIT: If anything, we could be moving towards a kinder world. And that’s nice. I hope people don’t forget.

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