“It’s good to know that teams want me this offseason”: Bradley Beal shockingly reveals that he is enjoying the free agency rumors surrounding him

Wizards guard Bradley Beal gets real about the free agency this summer and Miami Heat rumors on Draymond Green’s podcast.

The Washington Wizards are out of playoff contention despite a terrific start to the season. Bradley Beal took somewhat of a back seat after the arrival of a young core in exchange for Russell Westbrook. Last season he was in a dog fight with Stephen Curry for the scoring title. This season, however, his numbers are drastically down.

The injury could not have come at a worse time. For the first time in years, the Wizards were looking good. They’re out of the playoff picture once again as Beal opted for a season-ending wrist injury. Beal is at a point in his career where injuries will not affect his value in free agency. Draymond Green says it’s a position most players in the NBA would kill for and Beal concurred.

A lot of contenders including the Miami Heat are eyeing the Wizards star this offseason. But is Bradley Beal really on the lookout?

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Bradley Beal feels he deserves the free agency attention coming his way

Draymond Green sat down with Bradley Beal for a 45-minute long conversation on a multitude of things. They spoke at length about Beal’s decision to decline the player option and enjoy unrestricted free agency this summer.

Like Damian Lillard, Beal was big on loyalty and winning a title for the team that drafted him. That determination seems to be faltering a bit as he nears the end of his prime. After 10 unsuccessful seasons, he is finally testing the market.

“I’m kind of embracing everything. I am not upset about you know teams wanting me, I feel like that’s a good thing right. We put in the work and we’re wanted by a lot of people not just where we’re at.”

He strangely compared this whole experience to the time colleges were recruiting him a decade ago. Talking to other players and gauging the best option is not something Beal engaged in since the draft.

He could be using this as leverage to have a bigger say in front office decisions. From the podcast, it didn’t look like Bradley had any intentions to actually leave Washington. Despite the injury, Washington’s extension is still on the table and they’re making necessary changes on the roster as well.

Obviously, it isn’t the most attractive location for free agents and they have to be smart to retain their superstar for a few more seasons.

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