Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week

Tay Kewei paid her OBGYN a visit

Singers Kewei and Alfred have two sons, Shen Momo, four, and Xiaopianpian, two, and a third kid on the way.

Kewei, who’s 37 weeks pregnant now, wrote: “This could be the last time I visit my gynae, the next time could be [when I’m] delivering the baby… and also the end of an era as this is probably my last pregnancy…”

The singer, who got emotional recalling how she gave birth to both her sons at that same place, then quipped that she’s “such a consistent factory!”

How so? “Both kids were born at 40 weeks + 3/4 days” and “they were both 3.2kg and 49cm exactly,” revealed Kewei.

“To be honest I’d really miss being pregnant but I think 4 kids could be too much… so this could be the last time,” she added.

Photos: Tay Kewei/Instagram

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