“If I had to pick one shoe, it would definitely be a Kobe; like a Kobe 4”: PJ Tucker reveals how he signed an endorsement deal despite wanting the freedom of switching to any sneaker the Heat forward likes

PJ Tucker has often been spotted sporting Kobe 4 shoes. The Heat forward confirmed that these are his sneaker style of choice.

Sneakerhead culture is thriving and there’s no sneakerhead on the planet with more heat than PJ Tucker. Yeah, I haven’t verified that claim properly, but I feel pretty confident making it.

Simply put, PJ Tucker can get hold of shoes that the world’s most obsessed sneakerheads don’t even about the existence of. He’s been spotted wearing sneakers that have only been made for family and friends.

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PJ Tucker states that the Kobe 4 shoes are his favorite PE shoes to wear

The Miami Heat forward and defensive ace was a guest with Nick de Paula for Boardroom recently. PJ Tucker spoke about receiving signed Virgil sneakers right before his passing, what it means to wear the various iterations of Kobes and how he doesn’t like to be referred to as a “Sneaker God.”

He also revealed his favorite pairs of shoes – the iconic Kobe 4 shoes. Many hoopers believe that this particular edition of the Kobe franchise is perhaps the best outdoor shoe there.

He revealed this in the interview:

“I wasn’t a kid who wanted, like, his own signature shoe. I wanted the ability to switch sneakers whenever I could. Like, I’ve literally never wanted my own signature shoe. I never wanted to be tied down to one shoe to wear all the time.”

“But if I had to pick one shoe that I had to

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