Houswarming party or illegal KTV, asks neighbour, Latest Singapore News

A unit in The Plaza apartment at Beach Road is the focus of a series of videos that have been shared on TikTok by an unhappy neighbour.

In one of the videos seen by TNP, the TikTok user shares the story, writing: “New neighbours moved in a month ago and are running an illegal KTV. I can hear music, dice, drinking games and about 5 to 7 different voices. There’s smoke stench that fills up the common corridor. The noise starts at midnight and peaks at 3am. Each day its (sic) a different group of people. I’ve heard Vietnamese and Taiwanese accents”.

Miss Chen, 34, told Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao that after the new neighbour moved in sometime in October, she was often awakened by loud noises.

Frustrated, she decided to install a CCTV camera at her front door to capture the activities last month.

When she reviewed the clips, she saw sexily dressed women going in and out of the unit, some behaving intimately with the men. Different men and women can also be seen visiting the unit.

Another video shows a man in black was pulling a suitcase, followed by other men carrying cartons of beer.

In another clip, the men and women are walking unsteadily and clearly drunk.


“These scenes only happen in the night. It is all quiet during the day,” said Miss Chen.

In one clip, she added that she “called the police and security twice but they have not stopped. What else should I do?”

A police spokesman has confirmed the reports, according to Lianhe Wanbao.

Miss Chen said that she had accompanied the apartment’s security officer to check out the unit and its occupants on Nov 20. A man who answered the door claimed he had just moved in and was hosting a housewarming party.

She said: “They have been moved in for more than a month… that’s so illogical, isn’t it?”

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