HK Boyband Mirror Concert Accident: 95% Chance Injured Dancer’s Nerves Won’t Fully Recover

Hong Kong dancer Mo Li, 27, who was critically injured after an LED screen fell on him at boyband Mirror’s concert in July, remains under observation in intensive care. 

Mo’s father, reverend Derek Li, revealed on social media yesterday (Sep 4) that both Chinese and Western doctors believe that there is a 95 per cent chance that Mo’s vertebrae and sensory nerves “cannot fully recover”.

Mo suffered a fractured cervical vertebra and is at risk of being paralysed from neck down after a 600kg LED screen landed on him during the concert.

Derek said they will try acupuncture treatment this week, though doctors are not confident the treatment can provide recovery.

“My heart sank a little. I felt that in people’s eyes, the end is near,” he said.

Nevertheless, Derek is thankful that Mo is still alive and believes the family can overcome the adversity.

Derek also implored on the public to pray for his son’s recovery.

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