HK Actor Oscar Leung Refutes Claim That He Behaved Rudely To Hotel Staff; Says He Doesn’t Need To Personally Handle Such Issues

Hongkong actor Oscar Leung, 42, recently became the subject of a malicious report that had seemingly come out of nowhere. Oscar was reportedly rude to hotel staff some four years ago, according to a post by an anonymous netizen, who decided to dredge up the matter after all this time.

The netizen, who claims to work in the hospitality industry, revealed that Oscar once visited the hotel they worked at. At that time, Oscar had walked in and asked to be shown to the ballroom as he wanted to check out their facilities. 

The netizen shared that there was an event going on in the ballroom at the time, and that they were unable to let Oscar in. The actor, who was described as being really rude, then demanded to see the hotel’s manager, claiming that the manager would recognise Oscar at once and let him in.

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