HK Actor Jason Wong, Who Is Often Called A “Louis Koo Knockoff”, Gets 100 Stitches On Face After Getting Attacked In Restaurant

Talk about bad luck. On Aug 29, Hong Kong actor Jason Wong (黃竣鋒), 44, was attacked and seriously injured because of a supposed case of mistaken identity. 

On the night of the attack, Jason was at a gathering at a restaurant in Shenzhen with fellow actors, including Frankie Ng, Ai Wai and Chu Wing Tong.

During the meal, Jason was asked by Frankie to greet some people outside the restaurant, and it was while they were returning to their table that the attacker ran towards Jason.

“[He] was holding a kitchen knife, and slashed my face. He then went on to slash my left hand and waist too,” said Jason when interviewed by HK media. According to Jason, he was soaked in his own blood, and could see the skin from his face fall off. 

Jason was immediately sent to the hospital where he underwent several surgeries. He was only able to speak five days later.

Thankfully, he did not suffer from any injuries to his neck, which would’ve made his injuries more severe.

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