“Hey, Kevin Durant, do you have a full-time psychiatrist on staff dealing with all the stuff in Brooklyn”: Charles Barkley questions the two-time Finals MVP regarding the continuous drama on the Nets

TNT analyst Charles Barkley asks Kevin Durant for confirmation on the Brooklyn Nets having a full-time psychiatrist.

A trade between James Harden and Ben Simmons would sound bizarre at the start of the 2021-22 season. However, the trade market works in mischievous ways. Recently, the NBA witnessed one of the biggest trades with few hours left for the deadline to end.

With rumors of Harden wanting out of the Nets doing the rounds, the Brooklyn organization engaged in trade talks with the Sixers. The Philly organization who faced a similar but worse situation with Ben Simmons would find common ground with the Nets, and thus a deal was on the cards.

With the All-Star draft scheduled soon, Kevin Durant was in for some tough questions. According to reports, the two-time champion wanted Harden to be on board and believed the Nets could win a championship. Thus when asked about what he felt about the recent development, KD said the following.

“I’m excited for our team, looking forward to finishing the season out with these new group and players. Playoffs right around the corner, we gotta fast track in getting use to each other. But I’m excited. You know, I think everybody got what they wanted.”

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With Harden departing from the Nets, coupled with Kyrie Irving’s part-time status, Hall of Famer Charles Barkley asked Durant if they had a psychiatrist on the team to deal with so much.

Charles Barkley wants to know the secret behind how Kevin Durant deals with the drama in Brooklyn.

In what many believed, the Brooklyn Nets were the next dynasty in the NBA, assembling one of the best offensive teams in NBA history. The Big 3 boasting Durant, Irving, and Harden looked impossible to beat. Unfortunately, we got to see their basketball brilliance only sixteen times in one and a half seasons.

The team dealt with umpteen injuries, COVID protocols, and controversies. However, Irving’s anti-vaccination policy was the last nail in the coffin. Sadly for hoops fans across the world, the Nets Big 3 ended before even it actually took off.

During a recent episode of Inside the NBA, former Suns MVP Barkley asked Durant how he dealt with the constant noise surrounding his team.

“You know, Kevin I just gotta say man, Do you have a full-time psychiatrist on staff dealing with all the stuff you have to deal with in Brooklyn.” 

When asked about the continuous drama on the team and how hectic it could be to deal with all of it, Durant replied the following.

“What I gotta do with it? I’m making millions of dollars playing basketball. I love my brothers regardless.”

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We know snitches get stitches, but kudos to Durant for dealing with the situation in such a mature manner.


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