Here’s What The Very Fit Nicholas Tse, 41, Would Say If You Asked Him: “Do You Want Some Chocolate?”

In the video, Nic was asked by his staff: “Boss, do you want some chocolate?”.

Nic then lifted up his tanktop confidently to show off his bar-of-chocolate-like six-pack before replying, “I have [my own]!”. He then casually returned to working on his laptop.

The 12-second clip left netizens frenzied, with one commenting “I want to eat your chocolates” and another saying “The rest of my life depends on this chocolate.”

Seriously, calm down people.

One netizen also quipped: “Your body is too fit, I suggest you show it off more often.”

Well, one can only hope.

Until then, you can stare at this shirtless pic of Nic from last week:

Nicholas Tse chocolate abs

Photos: Sinchew Daily

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