Gold905 DJ Vernetta Lopez, Who Just Recovered From Dengue, Calls It “The Most Agonising Thing” She Has Ever Experienced

According to Vern, who’s a crazy cat lover, she was making cardboard houses for the neighbourhood cats in her backyard when she got bitten by an infected mosquito. 

“It started off with classic flu symptoms but without any sneezing. It was body aches, headache, and then the fever. And I’ve never had a fever climb so quickly,” she says, adding that she quickly went to the doctor to  get a blood test as she suspected she had dengue. 

The next day, she found spots on her body when she was changing. “Then [I] got the call where [the clinic] confirmed it was dengue,” she recalls. 

What worried Vernetta too was how, at that time, she thought she was allergic to Panadol. 

“When I was younger, whenever I took Panadol, I would sneeze like crazy and then pass out,” she tells us, adding that she also couldn’t take aspirin as she was told by doctors that it was too strong and would affect her blood cell count. 

I was like, I’m just gonna die. I was in and out of fevers and I was crying. I was in so much pain,” she recounts. 

Luckily, Vern, who is married to British engineer Wayne Gladwin, wasn’t actually allergic to Panadol.

“My husband said he looked at my allergy symptoms for paracetamol and they are not the classic ones he read about so we decided to try taking Panadol,” she says. Wayne also assured her that he would be on standby and if anything happened, would take her to the hospital immediately.

“So I took one and it helped to ease the discomfort and pain a little,” she says.

She also started having a really bad rash (see below), which according to Vernetta, made her thighs look like “a whole red chicken turkey leg or something.”

“I was staring at it going: ‘This can’t be my leg’,” she says. 

Vernetta Lopez rash

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