Gary Chaw’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Is Turning Into A Quirky Style Icon

Remember how Malaysian singer Gary Chaw’s adorable daughter Grace used to be teased for looking like Japanese manga character Crayon Shin-chan because of her thick eyebrows when she was on Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? 2 in 2014?

Gary’s wife, Taiwanese fashion blogger Wu Shuling, 42, recently shared some pics of Grace on Instagram and though she is still only 11, the impish cutie has already developed a quirky fashion sense. 

​​​​​​​In the photos, Grace can be seen playing dress up with Shuling’s clothes, layering several mismatched tops over her tee. She also had on Shuling’s cap, jewellery, and heels that were a few sizes too big for her.

“She either wears my make-up or clothes and high heels. Recently, she loves to goof around. But it’s very strange. Every time she tries to be ugly, I think it’s cute,” Shuling captioned.

“Or is it because she has my crazy genes, so I quietly accept it each time and she takes it up a notch.”

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