Full Scorecard of Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe 1st ODI 2022 – Score Report

21.1 to W Madhevere, gone! As easy as it gets. It was tossed up on off stump, real loopy delivery. Madhevere tries to close the face of the blade in pursuit of some runs on the leg side but fails to gauge the pace on the ball. It was slower than the spinners he faced so far in the game. Leading edge dies on Nabi who comes forward and takes it. Long walk back for Madhevere who was really looking good.. 91/3

27.2 to I Kaia, big loud shout and Langton Rusere obliges. Tosses up on off, spins in slightly to beat the flick. Thuds on the front pad. Kaia without consulting his partner calls for a review. Replay shows the impact was in the line and it’s hitting the stumps. Zimbabwe lose a wicket and a review. 104/4

31.6 to M Shumba, lovely delivery, beats the bat or was there an edge, loud appeal for caught behind, the keeper is convinced, they review it. Spike on the Ultra Edge, Afghanistan retain the review, a good one.. 124/5

39.2 to RP Burl, lovely delivery pitches outside the off stump and goes on, hits the off stump, Burl plays down the wrong line.. 164/6

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