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Per Frimann thinks it is absurd that Peter Graulund claims in court that Frimann has worked as an agent Frimann is surprised by Graulund. Photo: Henning Hjorth The air is icy cold. Peter Graulund dragged TV3 to court on Tuesday because he believes he has been unjustifiably fired. In the autumn of 2020, Ekstra Bladet revealed that the TV expert had attended a meeting with his good friend, agent Mikkel Beck, who participated virtually, and FCN captain Magnus Kofod Andersen, who had just come to Mikkel Beck’s stable. Later, he suddenly appeared in a photo with AaB talent Marcus Hannesbo in connection with the player’s contract extension. In court on Tuesday, Graulund threw his former colleague Per Frimann under the bus and claimed he had done agent work. Per Frimann did not know that Graulund would claim it in court. – Uh no. At the time, when I am told that it is mentioned in court documents, I call Graulund, and there we have a talk, where he also admits that he knows that I have not worked as an agent, he says to Ekstra The magazine. – So it’s quite surprising. I have once been allowed to sit as an adviser to Emre Mor in her time. I think you had a picture of it. There I had been allowed by TV3 to bring that benefit to Emre and his family, but there I was not an agent. – So yes, it actually surprises me a lot, he says. Per Frimann is certainly not satisfied with his former colleague’s statement in court. Photo: Claus Bonnerup – So you have never done agency work while you have been on TV3? – No I have not. What I have done outside of TV3 – like writing books – I have always been allowed to do. – How do you feel about Graulund saying that in court? – I think it is completely absurd and incomprehensible to me. It’s not true that I should support myself as an agent. I do not understand that he needs to say it and that he says it, but I do not really want to comment on Graulund anymore – and what he says. – How are you with him now? – I can probably not say anything good about that right now.

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