Forgot The National Team Wheelchairs: – Like Losing His Legs

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The Danish national team in wheelchair rugby has been caught in Kastrup Airport after they did not get their wheelchairs from Canada The Danish national team in wheelchair rugby has not received their wheelchairs from Canada. Photo: Private photo The Danish national team in wheelchair rugby has been stranded at Kastrup Airport since 13.30, because their wheelchairs have not come from Vancouver, where they have participated in the Canada Cup. This is what national team player Sofie Skoubo tells Ekstra Bladet. – Some drive around in Falck’s airport chairs and others in rugby chairs, and we do not know when we will get our manual wheelchairs. – We have had a very long journey with delays, so everyone is super tired of this situation, she says and states that they have been on the move for almost 24 hours. The article continues below the picture .. Sofie Skoubo has to make do with one of Falck’s wheelchairs at Kastrup Airport until her own returns to Denmark. Photo: Private photo. According to Sofie Skoubo, there is no explanation from Air Canada that they have flown with. Therefore, they just have to wait. The entire team’s rugby chairs have found their way to Denmark, but their regular wheelchairs are missing. Sofie Skoubo says that she brought the wheelchair up to the gate, but that it simply did not come from there. – Normally you are allowed to bring your wheelchair up to the gate, and then they load it into the plane afterwards, but something has gone wrong. And it is reasonably critical to lack the wheelchair, she emphasizes. – It’s a bit like losing your legs, she says and continues. – We can not get around, but fortunately there are many who have old wheelchairs they can use temporarily. There was a wait at Kastrup Airport. Photo: Private photo At the time of writing, however, the national team is returning home. But exactly how, there is still uncertainty around. – Right now we’re actually on our way home. Falck helps us out in our cars, and then we have to see how we figure out how to get home, she says. Fortunately, the team can be happy that some other metal has come to Denmark. They won bronze in the Canada Cup, which is considered to be the most prestigious tournament right after the World Cup and the Paralympic Games. ——— SPLIT ELEMENT ——— Sur Hjulmand: – Horrible and directly dangerous How Danish football players invest Danish stars completely disagree about roars

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