Fans Beg Olivia To Google The Oxford Definition Of “Yelling”

MAFS fans are literally begging Olivia to Google the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of “yelling” instead of Domenica’s full name for once after Sunday night’s ep. 

In case you missed it, Dom was frustrated at Olivia for sharing a nude photo of her among the group. She said Olivia created “malicious” gossip about her behind her back by sharing it. 

Olivia told producers she found the photo by Googling Dom’s full name. She then claimed to the group her friends were the ones who found the pic.

The whole ordeal caused Dom and Jack a lot of stress in the last dinner party on Wednesday night. It was clear Dom felt completely blindsided when Cody brought up the photo. And it was even more apparent when people like Tamara defended themselves for gossiping about it. 

Dom told Jack the next morning she was still confused how Olivia found the photo. So she went to the source for the truth.

She and Jack knocked on Olivia and Jackson’s door. Olivia opened the door and asked how Dom was going as if they didn’t just butt heads last night. Dom then cut through the bullshit and said “that’s irrelevant”.

Olivia accused Dom of “yelling” at her “inside [her] house” when she was really just speaking in a slightly pointed tone and standing outside the apartment Olivia and Jackson were staying in. Olivia ended up closing the door on her.

Then Olivia described Dom’s above behaviour at the Commitment Ceremony as a “rampage”. She accused Dom of getting right up “in [her] face”. But what we saw on Sunday was by no means at a volume or intensity that would constitute “yelling” or a violent attack on Olivia. And Dom was not standing up close to Olivia. 

So either the producers didn’t tell us the truth and nothing but the truth or Olivia showed she has a warped sense of reality.

Viewers quickly caught on to this and said it was a classic gaslighting response. But they also begged Olivia to Google the words she was falsely accusing Dom of.

“Ok, we need to define ‘rampage’, ‘yelling’ and ‘in my face’ for Olivia,” said one viewer. 

“The number of times Olivia has accused Dom of YELLING when she isn’t just because she has no answers,” added another. 

One viewer said Olivia’s reaction to Dom showed that the MAFS contestant had clearly never worked in customer service. 

Another questioned whether Olivia was aware she was on a TV show with a camera crew filming her every move.

“You can’t control the narrative and make Domenica look like the aggressor when there is video evidence proving the contrary,” they said.

I gotta say, Olivia allegedly not understanding what the word “yelling” means doesn’t give me the greatest confidence in her ability to teach. Just an observation!

We’ll find out whether Olivia learned the true meaning behind her words in the final week of Married At First Sight. Boy, am I keen for that MAFS reunion. Extremely ready for Holly‘s I Told You So speech.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.


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