Fan Pays For Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin’s Meal When She Sees Them At A Restaurant; The Couple Approach Her After To Say Thanks

Recently, a fan shared on Chinese social media and e-commerce platform xiaohongshu that she had chanced upon the couple at a sukiyaki restaurant. She also revealed that she had paid for their meal. 

According to the fan, Hyun Bin was busy stuffing his face with rice the whole time. “Have you been eating too much on your honeymoon?” she wrote.

She also excitedly revealed that “[her] credit card has a record of what they ate!” 

She went on to say that the couple approached her before they left the restaurant to thank her for the meal. 

When she congratulated them on their marriage, they “happily nodded, looked at [her] and said ‘thank you so much’”, adding that when she locked eyes with the stars, it was like “walking into a Korean drama“. 

The fan, who is clearly a K-drama fanatic, also joked that instead of being the Jing Chang Qing Chi Fan De Piao Liang Jie Jie [or ‘the pretty sister who buys me food’], which is the Chinese title of Ye Jin’s drama Something In The Rain, the Korean actress is now the pretty sister who gets treated to a meal. 

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