Enjoy This Reddit Thread Trying To Open Aussie Supermarket Plastic Bags

Another day, another Australian custom that we take for granted that newcomers simply cannot handle. This time it’s supermarket bags.

Earlier this week, a Reddit user posted the following question on the r/Australia subreddit: “Hey guys I just moved to Australia and I was just wondering, how the FUCK do I open this?!?!”

Hey guys I just moved to Australia and I was just wondering, how the FUCK do I open this?!?! from australia

But before we all point, laugh and say “haha silly newcomer” — think back to the last time you shared the struggle with supermarket bags. For me it was *checks watch* — yesterday.

As you might expect, the comment section lit up like the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve.

“It’s like trying to insert a USB, but more infuriating somehow” another articulated and doing so, managed to empathise with the entire Australian population.

“And remember, if it’s not opening you are not swearing enough,” offered another.

The initial request for assistance did get some genuine offers of assistance to prise open the bags. However, these offers were disguised in a thick coating of sarcasm.

Excuse me @Praxis84 — wash your mouth out with soap.

Re: @TheFr1nk, there’s something slightly unnerving about seeing the entire process required for opening a tiny shitty little plastic bag written out…over four whole sentences. Why does it gotta be that difficult to put a ‘nana in a bag?

I gotta admit, after sifting through these responses for the better part of half an hour — @Sleepwalking9s suggestion makes the most sense. Especially if you’ve only got two or three of each fruit/veg, just put it straight in ya basket?

Folks, you’re not gonna believe this but most fruit already has a protective coating shielding it from most yucky things (provided you give it a rinse when you get it home). It’s called “skin”.

Ditch bags. Raw dog your fruit and veg wherever possible. You heard me.


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