Elvin Ng Corrects IG Caption After Wheelchair User Educates The Star On The Correct Term To Use

On Mar 2, Elvin Ng, 41, uploaded a post on his Instagram, revealing that he’d collaborated with a local artist recently on a series of paintings. Elvin, who’s known to be an avid collector of art, shared more about his collaborator in the caption — local artist Allan Tan.

“He had [polio] when he was 3 and had to be on wheelchair since, but he’s always been brave and positive, and never gave up on his passion for art and sports like basketball,” Elvin captioned.

He went on to share that he was inspired by Allan’s “Chiaroscuro series” of paintings, which made use of contrasted “light and shades” to achieve a sense of volume and a 3D effect. They used that as a base for their collaboration, and eventually came up with the three paintings shown in Elvin’s post.

However. in an earlier version of Elvin’s caption, it appeared that the actor had used the word “wheelchair-bound” to describe the artist.

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