Eason Chan Rumoured To Be Getting $175K An Ep For Singing Show Infinity And Beyond, And That’s Reportedly Much Lower Than His Usual Asking Amount

According to Hongkong media, the other stars are also paid S$175K per episode. Though the amount of time they have to commit to the show, from the rehearsals, to the meetings with the producers, and to the actual recording, is surely a lot more than a usual gig.

In fact, one episode of Infinity and Beyond reportedly takes three days to shoot. 

No wonder it’s said that the stars, including Eason, have all taken major pay cuts just to be on the show.

In response to that, Eason’s manager Lisa denied the rumours that the singer is participating in the show. “Two months ago, the production team contacted us, hoping that Eason can be the guest for the last episode. But we rejected even before discussing the price,” she said, adding that they had to turn down many jobs due to the pandemic.

Photos: Mango TV / PBE Media 

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