Dylan Kuo, 45, Says His Relationship With 26-Year-Old Girlfriend Is All Good A Day After She Writes Cryptic Post About Liars

Netizens immediately suspected that Zehan was referring to Dylan, wondering if there was trouble between the lovebirds.

Some even speculated that Dylan must’ve cheated on Zehan. To make matters worse, Zehan deleted her post shortly after. Also, the last time the couple interacted with each other on social media was in mid-August.

Then, almost 24 hours later, Zehan made went online again, this time to deny that her relationship is on the rocks.

“That night, I just wanted to air my thoughts about a friend’s personal situation on Weibo, I apologise for causing a misunderstanding!” she wrote.

Dylan went on to share Zehan’s post, adding: “That’s right! I’ve heard about this from Hanhan, it’s great [to hear that] everything’s fine. We caused a misunderstanding, [but] we’re very happy together — don’t worry everyone!”

Dylan and Zehan announced their relationship in September 2021, surprising everyone because of their huge 19-year age difference.

In previous interviews, Dylan revealed that he intends to tie the knot with Zehan in 2023.

Photos: PBE Media

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