Derek Tsang And Venus Wong Embroiled In Divorce Rumours After The Latter Deletes Their Pics From IG; Eric Tsang Says A Split Is “Up To Them”

When asked by the media about her relationship status, Venus insisted that things are still good between her and Derek.

She asserted that she removed the pics because she was her clearing her IG page for work. She also said she didn’t get rid of the tattoo and that it was only covered up with make-up because she was at a shoot.

Eric, who turned up for the prayer ceremony of Venus’ new drama Happy Ever After?, was also quizzed by reporters about the rumours. 

When Eric, who is TVB’s deputy general manager, was asked if he was there to show support for Venus, he joked that didn’t remember if she had a role in the drama and that he was there only because it had a good script.

Eric went on to express his nonchalance about the rumours. “Before this, there was also talk about me being in a wheelchair, perhaps I should check if I have offended Tai Sui,” he joked.

For the uninformed, Tai Sui is a powerful Chinese god, and ‘offending’ him can spell bad luck in your relationships, career, and health.

However, Eric did have one thing to offer reporters in regard to his son and daughter-in-law.

“If they are happier being divorced, then that’s up to them too,” he added.

Photos: PBE Media

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