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On June 1, Chinese actor Deng Lun (鄧倫) appeared in public dressed in a black cap, long-sleeved casual top and jogger track pants. Appearing in low spirits, he was greeted enthusiastically by a group of fans who had prepared handmade gifts for him.

Appeared in Low Spirits
Since news of the actor’s tax evasion broke on March 15, the actor was fined 106 million yuan, and faced the brunt of cancellation, as he was dropped by endorsement brands, had his Weibo account deleted by authorities and productions he acted in shelved. Just like the previous time he appeared, fans who got wind of Deng Lun’s itinerary turned up to catch a glimpse of the 29-year-old. Looking emotional when he appeared, they specially brought along Children’s Day gifts for their idol such as handmade dolls and gifts while the star also acknowledged them by slowing down when he was nearing his fans.

Looking solemn and in low spirits this time round, Deng Lun remained silent throughout their brief interaction. While he did not reject his fans’ kind intentions, he only received the fan mail and did not accept their gifts, and made a point to return a small gift to a fan, which he accidentally took.

Chinese Character on Phone Screen Means “Peace-of-mind”
Holding on to his mobile phone the entire time, Deng Lun’s phone screen was caught on camera. Set as his wallpaper was a mere Chinese character “in white (meaning safe, secure, peace) against a plain black background – possibly reflecting his mental state.

Source: ChinaPress

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