Dee Hsu’s Daughter, 10, Was Accused Of Having The ‘Princess Disease’ & Her Response Proves She’s Inherited The Star’s Sassiness

Taiwanese host Dee Hsu, 43, has long been known for her brazen, outspoken personality — just look at what she’s said in the past herehereherehere, and here, and it’s clear that holding back is definitely not her style.

And it looks like her youngest daughter Alice, who turns 10 in April, has inherited that sassiness.

In a recent episode of her talk show Dee Girls Talk, the star told a story about the time her friend took Alice camping, when her friend’s son noticed that Alice was behaving in a way that made him ask: “Do you have the ‘princess disease’?”

The ‘princess disease’ is a term that’s used to describe girls or women who are spoilt and narcissistic, but instead of being insulted, Alice confidently replied: “I am the queen!”

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