Danes In Russian Chaos: Travel Away

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– Safety has the highest priority for our players, therefore we recommend that Dreyer and Abildgaard travel out of Russia, says Michael Sahl Hansen, director of the Players’ Association From Friday 11 March, foreign football players can have their contracts suspended and travel out of Russia, so they can continue his career elsewhere until June 30th. This was decided by FIFA, the International Football Association, the other day. It sounds promising and simple for the two Danes in Russian football, Anders Dreyer and Oliver Abildgaard. But such is the reality far from it when it comes to realities. Because there are so many dilemmas that are impossible to know the answer to because there are chaotic conditions right now in Russian football. Anders Dreyer scored the eighth goal of the season on Monday for Rubin Kazan. He may change club in the coming months, but it is associated with many issues and dilemmas. Photo: Aleksandr Kulebyakin / Sopa Imag. The key question is: What happens to those players who have long contracts, a good salary, but still choose to travel away for the next three and a half months? – Our highest priority will always be the safety of the players. Therefore, our clear recommendation is that they should leave Russia as soon as possible. Against this background, we would have liked to have seen the contracts terminated immediately because they are in a country at war. – But it is obvious that this is a case with many dilemmas and uncertainties, says Michael Sahl Hansen, director of the Players’ Association. Now take as an example Anders Dreyer’s value. It has been thundering since he was sold to Rubin Kazan last summer for an amount in the region of 55 million. Dreyer’s market price, according to sources Ekstra Bladet has spoken with, is currently somewhere between DKK 80-100 million. after the distinguished achievements in Russia. Anders Dreyer needs playing time in the coming months, so he can keep his name warm in relation to the national team and the World Cup tickets for the autumn. Photo: Jens Dresling. He has scored eight season goals and been the club’s biggest profile of the season, which so far has been a sporting disappointment with a tenth place result. The same situation can actually be said that Oliver Abildgaard is in. He cost around DKK 15 million. when he was sold from AaB to the Russians. His value has also risen sharply since the shift. Today, he is estimated to have a market price of 45-50 million. Should they go on a lease for the next three and a half months with the risk of getting a serious injury and thus return to Rubin Kazan with a long rehabilitation process and a sour club management? It is a dilemma where there is no single answer. Oliver Abildgaard also has a much higher market value today than when he arrived from AaB. He is high in the hierarchy and close to becoming captain in Rubin Kazan. Photo: Yegor Aleyev, Getty Images. Conversely, Anders Dreyer has a great need to play football so he can keep his football name warm ahead of the World Cup this winter. – There are no easy solutions here, but an incredible number of dilemmas to deal with. – We do not know, for example, whether Russia is at war in four months, or how the players will be treated if they choose to travel away now and then return this summer. – Nobody really knows what Putin can come up with. Our job is to protect the players. That is why we recommend them to get to safety outside Russia as soon as possible, points out Michael Sahl Hansen. FC Midtjylland still has money to benefit from the sale of Anders Dreyer last summer. The Russians pay the transfer in several installments. It also complicates the matter if we end up where the contract is completely torn in half.

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