Cynthia Koh Recounts How A Hospital Patient Screamed At Nurses ‘Cos He Couldn’t Get The TV To Work

Cynthia also shared a post from IG account @sgnightingales, which discussed the “really really bad and unsafe” situation at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital’s emergency decon area.

The account is described as a platform which “allow [Singapore] nurses to share their struggles”.

A decon area, short for decontamination area, is where patients who arrive at the A&E are triaged and tested for COVID-19 before subsequent arrangements are made for admission, transport, treatment and/or medication.

The anonymous submission claims that the nurses “cannot cope anymore” as the decon area is “always flooded with patients” and basically has “no system”.

They added that the area, which is supposed to hold only 20 patients, sometimes sees as many as 50 patients. As a result, they are “literally already drown to death, soul is just working (sic)”.

Photos: Cynthia Koh/Instagram

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