Cricketer Travis Head Was Caught Dropping A C-Bomb During The Ashes

An Aussie cricketer was caught saying the c-word live on air during The Ashes coverage and let me tell you, it’s almost enough to make a girl feel patriotic.

The cricketer in question was South Australian Travis Head, who was recorded loudly saying “oh, you c*nt” on a stump mic after he swung for the ball and missed.

I don’t know much about cricket. As far as I’m concerned, some people throw the ball, some people hit the ball, and maybe some people even catch the ball. But I do know that someone saying “oh you c*nt” on live TV is hilarious.

In the video, you can hear the commentators quietly chuckle before moving on with their sport-speak.

I honestly think the best part of the whole thing is Head’s crisp delivery. It’s enunciated perfectly, a completely unmissable bit of live TV swearing.

Along with making great TV, Travis Head also did well at the sport itself, scoring the third fastest hundred in Ashes history (which even I know is deeply impressive). He was then named ‘man of the match’ for scoring 152 runs.

That being said, it’s not all smooth sailing: he’s been officially fined 15 per cent of the match fee for his swearing. It technically breached the International Cricket Council’s code of conduct (try saying that three times quickly) for “use of an audible obscenity during an international match”.

According to Fox Sports, Head admitted to the swearing and accepted his punishment.

During Saturday’s match, Cricket Australia’s CEO was forced to apologise – but not for spewing profanities.

Instead, there was a significant generator breakdown at the Gabba, which meant broadcasters had no live footage of the game for 20 minutes. As a result, they had to show reruns of earlier action.

The CEO of Cricket Australia Nick Hockley apologised profusely on ABC Sport, saying “I just want to apologise to all the fans out there…I  just want to say thank you to everyone working extremely hard to get that back up”.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether any of the reruns played by the broadcasters included Travis Head’s epic c-bomb. We can only hope so.

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