Crash Landing On You’s Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin Are Getting Married In Seoul Next Month

The rumours are true after all: Crash Landing On You (CLOY) stars Hyun Bin, 39, and Son Ye Jin, 40, are getting married.

The couple, who have reportedly been dating since 2020, shared the good news on Instagram today (Feb 10).

Their rep has confirmed that the wedding will be privately held in Seoul next month.

Hyun Bin said on his agency Vast Entertainment’s Instagram account: “Hello, this is Hyun Bin. Is everyone doing well? I’m writing this because I wanted to let my fans, who have supported, loved and cherished me despite my flaws, know firsthand about the most important decision of my life.”

He continued, “A lot of you have probably guessed, and you’re right. I’ve made the important decision to get married and am cautiously taking steps towards the second stage of my life. I made a promise with the woman who always makes me laugh to walk together in the days ahead. Junghyuk and Seri, who were together in [CLOY] are taking the first step together in that future. I believe that people will celebrate this with the unchanging affection and warmth that you’ve shown us so far. Please stay happy and healthy until we can meet in person again.”

Ye Jin, who shared a picture of a tiny wedding dress, wrote on her IG: “I thought about how to express myself before writing this. I wanted to write this as beautifully as possible because this is such a precious and important issue: I’ve found a person that I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“It’s who you think it is, and just being with him gives me a sense of warmth and security. I once thought that a man and a woman meeting, sharing their hearts and promising to be in each other’s’ futures was something unimaginable, but we naturally made our way to this point. Thank you to everything that turned our relationship to destiny. I hope that everyone can congratulate us for the future that we will be forging together.”

Photos: PBE Media, Vast Entertainment/Instagram

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