Christy Chung’s 24-Year-Old Daughter Body Shamed After Posting Pics Of Herself In Lingerie

Christy Chung’s eldest daughter Yasmine Ross was crowned first runner-up in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2021, yet her haters are still finding fault with her looks.

On Valentine’s Day, the 24-year-old, who is Christy’s daughter with her first husband British businessman Glen Ross, posted pics of herself in lingerie. Her caption? “Valentine? Never heard of him.”

Instead of taking it as an uplifting message about how you don’t have to feel left out on Valentine’s Day just because you don’t have a date, some netizens took it as an opportunity to body shame Yasmine.

There were comments about how her thighs, arms and tummy aren’t as “toned” and that she’s “not as pretty as [her] mum who is twice [her] age”.

Thankfully, there were also many netizens who praised her for not excessively editing her pics, and for being confident enough to share such intimate photos with the world.

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