Christopher Lee Shared That An Overseas Trip With Fann Wong Was Once Cut Short Because She Couldn’t Stand To Be Away From Son Zed

When Chris brought up the topic of homesickness, he directed a question at JJ, asking him what he does when he misses home and his mother, whom he shares a close relationship with.

To which JJ replied: “I look for things that are familiar and remind me of home, including food.”

“And me?” Junyang joked.

Turns out the two used to hang out and make music together very often, when Junyang was still based in Taiwan for work. (He has since returned to Singapore to be with his wife, Candyce Toh who is currently expecting, and six-year-old daughter, Azalea.)

Junyang also shared his experience, saying: “Talking about missing home, when I think back, there was a lot of heartache. I was already married then, so when I was living in Taiwan, I had to get used to being alone and to going home to a silent home. When you wake up, there’s nothing too, just silence.”

Trying to put a more positive spin on things, JJ added: “These challenges have made me who I am today. Without all that, I wouldn’t be able to write the songs I do now. So, to some extent, I am grateful for everything life brings me and friends for company and encouragement. [We should also] be grateful to ourselves as it wasn’t easy to make it through.”

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