Chinese Star Yang Chaoyue Was Once Bullied By A Classmate Who Slapped Her So Hard, Her Mouth Was “Filled With Blood”

Chinese singer-actress Yang Chaoyue, 23, saw her popularity skyrocket after finishing third in talent search Produce 101 in 2018 and she now has over 18.4mil followers on Weibo.

However, there was a period of time where Chaoyue didn’t feel popular at all. In a recent live stream, she revealed that she was actually bullied in her youth. 

Chaoyue said that she was someone who didn’t exactly have a personality that endeared others to her. She added that she wasn’t pretty growing up, and described herself as a child that had a “bad personality, and talked a lot of nonsense”.

She revealed that she never backed down from an argument, and once she dared a male classmate to “hit [her]” after getting into a verbal spat with him.

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