Chinese Actor Xu Hai Wei, 37, Returns To His Hometown To Sell Vegetables; Responds To Netizens Who Describe Him As “Pitiful”

Since the start of this month, Hai Wei has also set up a stall on the streets to sell vegetables.

The actor, who’s been posting about his agricultural experience on social media, also graciously responded to netizens who can’t seem to wrap their heads around his career choice.

Hai Wei selling vegetables

“There are always people who question why an actor would want to be a vegetable seller, they say it’s very pitiful,” lamented Hai Wei. “I want to say that there’s nothing pitiful about it at all. I approach it level-headedly and with no baggage. You adapt to your surroundings. On set, you are working for someone. When you remove your costume and head home, you are just like everyone else, a normal person. Because my family lives in the village, there are a lot of things at home that if you don’t do, someone at home will have to do it. It doesn’t have anything to do with money.”

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