Charlie Cox Says He’s Cool With A PG-13 Daredevil In MCU: “It Can Absolutely Work”

Charlie Cox is open to a family-friendly take on Daredevil in the PG Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cox, 39, who made a cameo appearance as Matt Murdock/Daredevil — a role he played from 2015 to 2018 in the Netflix series named after his character — says he’s open to reprising the part again, insisting it “absolutely can work” if Marvel bosses want to create something that’s suitable for all ages.

He told ComicBook.com: “I wouldn’t put it past the folks at Marvel to be able to accomplish that. I’m such a fan of everything they’ve done so far, I wouldn’t underestimate them at all.

“If they wanted to make a more PG version of Daredevil, I back them to find a way to do where it feels totally in keeping with everything we’ve done. And maybe there’s a little less blood, maybe there’s a little whatever, but I back them to do it.”

However, Cox admitted he thinks the Daredevil comics are more “exciting” and “relatable when they live in a darker space,” and he’s not sure the darker subjects explored in Daredevil will work as well for a universal audience as the Spider-Man movies.

He added: “It absolutely can work, but I guess what you can’t deny is Daredevil is never going to work as well in a PG world as Spider-Man does. Do you know what I mean? That’s the point.

“I think that the age of the character, the Christian guilt, his history with women and stuff, it’s like it’s a little bit more mature, it has to be.”

Netflix’s Daredevil series — which will be available on Disney+ from March 16 — is rated TV-MA, which means the content is unsuitable for viewers under 17.  A Daredevil movie, rated PG-13, was released in 2003, starring Ben Affleck as the titular character. An R-rated director’s cut was later dropped on home video. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are rated either PG or PG13. (In Singapore, Eternals, received an M18 rating for depicting a gay couple kissing.) 

After reprising the role for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Cox teased there was a possibility he’d be playing the character again.

He said: “I know something. I don’t know much, but I know there will be something else.”


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