Calvert Tay To Have First On-Screen Kiss In Drama Produced By Dad Zheng Geping

After a five-year break, second-gen celeb Calvert Tay, 22, is set to star in his second drama. 

Calvert got his big break back in 2017, when he played Zoe Tay’s son in Mediacorp drama While We Are Young. However, Calvert soon enlisted for National Service following his screen debut.

After his ORD, he turned his focus to music, and has released two songs thus far.

Now, it looks like the young star is ready to return to acting.

In an interview with 8world, Calvert said: “If I don’t do this now, I might not have the chance to do so in the future!”. 

This time round, Calvert is starring in meWATCH drama First Of April, which is set to premiere on March 31.

As the title suggests, the drama is related to April Fool’s Day, and will feature three different storylines revolving around pranks. The drama also sees celeb dad Zheng Geping stepping up as the producer.

The cast features a host of young stars, including Sheryl Ang, Bonnie Loo, Zhang Zetong, Zhai Siming and Regene Lim.

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