Brøndby Boss Sends Significant Suppository

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DBU Cup … Dec 13 2021 at 10:17 Save Article Oops! This feature requires a free account … … so we can save this article for you. Brøndby’s chairman of the board, Jan Bech Andersen, was out with the rake after the club’s cup exit to FCM on Sunday night. There was drama for all the money when Brøndby and FC Midtjylland clashed in the second act of their cup quarter final. The match was marked by several controversial rulings, where referee Jens Maae came into focus up to several times. Brøndby won the match 2-1, but it was the Central Jutlanders who went on, after they won the first match 2-0. However, the victory in Herning deserved praise for the squad, said Brøndby’s chairman of the board, Jan Bech Andersen. But he also had other things on his mind when he went to the keys and expressed his position on the victory – and the total defeat on Instagram. ‘Strong efforts by the boys, who end a very nice 2021 – it bodes well for the future! We play against a good football team today, but their film belongs in a local theater – all that chatter does not belong in football. ‘ Gustav Isaksen had to be replaced in the first half after a tough duel with Brøndby’s Christian Cappis. Photo: Claus Fisker / Ritzau Scanpix Brøndby’s head coach Niels Frederiksen also sent a suppository immediately after the match, where he called things provincial. – It’s kind of provincial over here. The one with Isaksen (Cappis’ kick on the FCM player who gave a yellow card, ed.) They show 14 times, but they do not show the penalty kick situation with Hedlund once, he says and continues: – But that’s it – I do not want that stand and pipe over, it sounded from Niels Frederiksen. Brøndby’s dissatisfaction can of course not change the outcome of the result of the two quarter-final clashes, which is why FC Midtjylland can look forward to having to face Vejle BK in the semi-final. OB and Sønderjyske will play together in the second semi-final. The matches will be settled in late April. ——— SPLIT ELEMENT ———

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