Bosco Wong Had A Creepy Encounter With The Supernatural In An Ipoh Hotel With Moses Chan

First , he wasn’t able to turn on the light in the room. 

He assumed that the light bulb had blown and so continued walking in. But that’s when things got freaky.

Suddenly, he heard a loud bang and the light came on. 

Creeped out, Bosco looked out of the room and saw his bodyguard standing outside the door with a weird on look on his face. He also didn’t enter the room to check it like he always does. 

That’s when Bosco became sure that something was wrong so he grabbed his bags and left immediately.

The funniest part? He bumped into Moses, who also wanted to switch rooms, in the corridor.

Though the actors didn’t say much, they both knew they had encountered something spooky and so quickly made their way to the lobby to ask for new rooms. 

“We appreciate that you guys wanted to give us suites, but it’s not necessary, please give us normal rooms,” they said to the concierge. 

Thinking back on the incident, Bosco quipped that “even the bodyguard could sense that the hotel was haunted.”

Photos: sinchew, sohu

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