Bonnie Loo Calls Herself The Third Wheel In Newly-Engaged Nick Teo & Hong Ling’s Relationship; Dedicates Heartfelt Post To The Couple

Bonnie, who was one of the only two celebs present at the proposal (the other being He Yingying), wrote: “Everyone came with their blessings, and went on board the luxurious yacht, all [their] important friends and family were gathered together.”

“This is the moment that many young girls look forward to, the love story of a prince and [his] princess has officially started.”

The actress then shared how she and the couple first met.

“Throwback to seven years ago, Nick, Hong Ling and I technically entered showbiz at the same time. We went for acting lessons and would hang out together. We stayed near one another, and so we would always go around as a trio. Later on, I slowly became a ‘lightbulb'”, she quipped. 

For those who don’t know, a lightbulb refers to a third wheel in a couple’s relationship.

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