Benjamin Yuen, Whose Father-In-Law Is A Billionaire; Says He’s Not Living Off His Wife And Her Family’s Money

Apart from that, when some netizens commented that Benjamin seems to have aged significantly, Bowie immediately stepped forward to defend him.

Bowie, who said that aging is perfectly normal, adding that everyone should learn to appreciate the passage of time. She also revealed that Benjamin puts in a lot of effort to maintain his looks, and went on to praise him too.

Adding on to Bowie’s words, Benjamin revealed that he actually went through a spate of poor health earlier this year, due to work.

Benjamin shared that he was filming both Forensic Heroes V and ICA Investigators 2022 at the same time. As his role in Forensic Heroes V was really complex, the lack of rest caused him to start losing hair, which might be why he looks ‘older’ now.

Photos: PBE Media

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