Andrea De Cruz Had Cervical Cancer In 2017, Then Found Out She Has A Brain Aneurysm In 2019; Says Pierre Png Was Her Rock Through It All

So how do you stay positive all the time?

Well, first and foremost I have a very calm husband (laughs). You know the whole roof can be blown off in a hurricane and he will be the person that you want to be with in those times. 

He’s the calmest person, he’s my rock, he quells every situation and every fear that you have, and he reminds you that this is what life really is and it will continue to throw curveballs and knock you around but there will always be a better tomorrow. He always says that tomorrow will be a better day. 

This is Pierre for you, and I think I’ve gone through so many bouts of ill health [and] he’s always been there every step of the way. 

I also have a very good support system, not just only in Pierre, but our families on both sides, the people who I surround myself with, my friends, and I think… There’s a lot of truth in this when I say the older and more mature you get, you just want to surround yourself with people who are positive, who bring spark into your life and give you positive energy, because there’s already so much to deal with in life.

Every other week there’s something, if it’s not your mum who has Covid, your mother-in-law may have fallen down, or your father-in-law [may have] stopped eating, so every week you have to deal with something.

Speaking of Pierre, do the two of you ever take the time to talk about the challenges you’ve had to face together these few years?

Yes, but [it’s not in a way that] these two-and-a-half years of Covid has bogged us down. We definitely got closer. The way we view religion got stronger and we set aside every Wednesday night to pray together.

Stuff like that, but not so much like “Ah it’s been so s***”. We found ourselves getting busier during the pandemic because we were delivering food to the less needy and those on wheelchairs and old folks. And people who are quarantining ‘cos of Covid and couldn’t come out to get food. It’s been more of a positive than a negative.

You were actively looking for things to do?

Yes. If the pandemic didn’t come around we would just be carrying on with our lives. I would do my business and Pierre would carry on acting. It kinda made the whole world stop and re-evaluate, really, what is important in your life. What is important at this point and time that we can do, and how we can make the world a better place. What can we do with the resources that we have? So I think there were more pros than cons actually (laughs). 

[But those who are more negative about it] couldn’t help it as well. Maybe because they lost a family member or their business suffered. But two and a half years down the road, we are all bouncing back.

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