Alex To’s Father-In-Law, Who Is 4 Years Older Than The 60-Year-Old Singer, Was Against Alex Marrying His Daughter

However, things weren’t always smooth sailing for them.

Unlike Aaron Kwok‘s father-in-law, who was a fan of the Heavenly King and grew up listening to his songsIce’s dad, who is just four years older than Alex, was initially not in favour of the singer marrying his daughter due to their 24-year age gap.

Alex previously shared that his first meet-the-parents session was an “unforgettable” and nerve-racking one.

Though his mother-in-law, who is a year younger than him, was easy going, his father-in-law was very stern. Alex later said he was so nervous, he “sweated until [his] underwear was soaked”.

However, he later moved them with his sincerity, and their relationship got better after that.

Photos: Alex To/Weibo

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