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Taiwanese supermodel Chiling Lin (林志玲) announced the arrival of their firstborn with former EXILE member, Akira (黑澤良平) last month, with a photo of a small hand holding on to a big finger.

Sharing the joy of parenthood in a video interview with Taiwanese media on February 11, Akira said that he has been overwhelmed by happiness. “Although couples around the world face many issues and challenges and we are no different, Chiling has never once thought of giving up, [she] is always full of hope and faith, so we got what we wanted most.”

Sharing Parenting Duties
Expressing gratitude to his wife, the new father added that the couple’s lifestyle has dramatically altered post-parenthood. “After marriage, Chiling changed her focus to the family. After the baby arrived, we placed all our love there. My heart is full of gratefulness. She is really noble, and I will grab hold of this happiness. Seeing how she protects the family, and her motherly side, it makes me so touched everyday.”

The couple has agreed to share parenting responsibilities together, and would help each other even in the middle of the night to feed the baby and change diapers.

Asked how Chiling is doing, Akira said his wife enjoys chicken soup, and he hopes she would make a full postpartum recovery soon – thus quelling rumors of their firstborn being conceived via surrogacy. Sharing that both of them had often gone for chicken soup earlier while they were in Taiwan, Akira has taken to brewing homemade chicken soup for Chiling.

As to whom the baby resembles more, he replied that he resembles both parents, “In the future, I will respond less to questions about the baby, because it is related to his future. I will be more discrete when making replies.”

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