Ada Choi Says She Is Living Her Best Life in China

Hongkong actress Ada Choi, 48, has forged a new path for herself since moving to Shanghai a year ago with her husband Chinese action star Max Zhang and their three kids, Zoe, 11, Chloe, eight, and two-year-old Le Er.

While the much-loved former TVB star used to act her way through different kinds of roles in the past, she hardly appears in drama serials these days.

Instead, she’s found a new way of enjoying praise and adulation — this time, by simply being herself.

The actress has been very busy taking part in variety shows in China, where she has shined for her candour and bubbly personality.

“I’m pretty grateful that a lot of people like the real me, which is why they like having me on variety shows. This is a great platform where I can just be who I am,” she said.

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