A UK Bullock Had To Be Rescued By Firefighters After Going For A Swim

A British bullock (which sounds like a swear but is actually the name of a young, desexed male cow) was saved from a swimming pool by firefighters. Just buy the sexy fireman calendar like the rest of us babes.

The bullock (still sounds like a swear) was rescued by a bunch of firefighters from Buckfastleigh Fire Station, Torquay Fire Station and Paignton Fire Station in the UK.

Absolutely loving the fact that firefighters from three different fire stations banded together to save this poor cow. It’s like the Power Rangers but better. 

They were also helped by a “specialist rescue team” from a fourth fire station. Now while I’m assuming the specialist rescue team isn’t just for livestock with Olympic ambitions, I would like to believe otherwise.

The story of the cow was shared by the Buckfastleigh Fire Station on its Facebook page.

It said that the group of firefighters had to use a specialist harness and lifting slings to get him out of the pool. Luckily there was also a vet on site too.

“[The bullock] had decided to leave his field in favour for a late night swim in a nearby swimming pool,” the post read.

While the location of the swimming pool is unspecified, it looks to me like one in someone’s garden. Can you imagine anything more frightening and hilarious than peering out of your window at 2am to see a bullock having a late night dip?

He is absolutely the main character and giving unmatched Lana Del Ray “Summertime Sadness” vibes.

“The plan of action was to feed webbing strops under the [bull] after getting him in the corner of the pool, then bring in a telehandler and lift him out supported comfortably,” said Devon and Somerset Fire Rescue Service’s group manager Rob Cude as per Indy100.

A post by Paignton Fire Station shed more details on the bullock rescue.

“The Paignton crew were first to arrive, and the Officer in Charge initially decided to pump some of the water out so the cow, actually a 600kg bullock, could stand a support itself,” said the post.

“When they started pumping out the water the cow seemed to swim along the pool and investigate the pump!”

By the time the team was able to get the poor bubba out, he’d been in the pool for three or four hours and was very cold. Get this bullock a blanket stat.

“A really good outcome for one very cold young bullock,” the team said about the rescue.

“He did spend quite some time with his nose just below the surface blowing bubbles, which he seemed to enjoy!”

I am obsessed with this freedom-loving, bubble-blowing bullock. He has officially saved 2022. Now let’s all hope he doesn’t get a taste for wandering into people’s swimming pools.


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