’60s Actress Chou Yu, 84, Managed To Escape Getting Molested By A Director ‘Cos Her Cheongsam Was Too Tight

But perhaps what was most distressing for Chou Yu was the time she was almost molested by a director.

She was cast as the lead in a movie and the director had asked to meet her in private.

Chou Yu sensed something was amiss, so she deliberately wore a very tight cheongsam to the meeting.

When she arrived, he locked the room door and told his staff to lock the main entrance.

Chou Yu said the director got handsy with her and even attempted to remove her cheongsam but gave up because it was too tight.

He ended up having to chase her around the room, only stopping because he was out of breath and started having an asthma attack.

Chou Yu said she was not afraid to tell the director off.

“I warned him, saying you have a daughter too, and your daughter is a good friend of mine. What would you do if she was treated this way?” she recalled saying to the pervy director.

However, that did not deter him and he even told her, “You let me catch my breath first, then I will talk to you about your role, you will surely like it.”

Thankfully, the director eventually gave up hounding Chou Yu, but she was later relegated to a supporting role.

She added that the director constantly made things difficult for her on set, which made her very miserable.

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